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Monday, 02 December 2013 12:29

Cracked LCD

In the unfortunate event of cracking the LCD of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac Air please note the following:

We are only able to replace the LCDs in the older model MacBooks with the plastic casing.

We do not repair LCD's inside sealed units - these include Mac Airs, all Macbooks and MacBook Pros with the black surround glass panel. The take apart for these models includes using a heat gun and sharp blade to soften and loosen the tape holding the glass or bezel in place. Due to the cost of a full display replacement and the risk involved we will only replace the complete display. This is inkeeping with the Apple store who will offer the same service in this situation. there are companies out there who will attempt this procedure but we have seen some of the unfortunate macs that have returned with ill fitting and faulty parts.


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