Apple Macintosh in Business



We have many small to medium business clients to whom we provide Apple Mac services

both in Peterborough and London.

About macmasters Beginnings

"...At Macmasters we have being looking after Machintosh computers since they first come out in 1984..."

Apple Mac Support for Business

We are your IT Department

One size does not fit all.
Every clients’ needs are different.
For that reason, we do not offer standard support contracts.
We do not charge retainers.
You pay only for the srvices you use whether that is five hours a month or 50 hours a month.
We offer a wide range of services. You use the ones you need.
It’s like having your own IT department on tap.

Mac Support

We support Apple Macintosh computers in a widely differing range of environments both in Peterborough and London.
Whether you are predominantly Macintosh or if you have just a few Macs in a mainly Windows setup, we can provide the support you need.

PC Support

If you have PCs as well as Macs in your business, we support those too.
We are experienced with Windows Small Business Server, perfect for companies with up to 50 users


Our expertise and experience covers the setup and administration of small and medium sized business networks.

File Servers

We offer implementation and support of Macintosh OS X Server, a robust server setup equally at home with  Macintosh and Windows clients.
We also have expertise in the deployment and administration of Windows Small Business Server.

Email Servers

We can offer implementation, administration and support of two leading Mail Server technologies:
Microsoft Exchange Server
Kerio Mail Server


We offer consultancy services in many aspects of computing.
If you want to set up a completely new office from scratch or move an exisiting office to a new location, we can help you plan and implement the move.
If you need to expand your business, we can recommend the most cost effective way to go.
If you need to embrace new areas of business that require changes in your IT setup, we will point you in the right direction.

Database Design, Development and Implementation

Can’t find an off the shelf database to meet your needs?
As us about bespoke development of Mac and PC compatible databases

Supply of  Hardware and Software

We do not sell hardware or software.
We do not have any financial links to anybody who sells hardware or software.
We do this to maintain our independence.
When we advise you to buy a  piece of hardware, software or other solution, we do so only because we think it is right for you, not because we have a vested interest in selling you equipment